Monday, May 16, 2011

Capsicum Pachadi

Capsicum- 2 No.s  -cut into  small pieces  so that can be boiled/ fried quickly
Onion - 1/4th of small size- cut into pieces
Green Chili's- 2 or depends
Salt-as per taste
Fenugreek powder- 1 pinch
Garlic cloves-2 (optional)
Oil-2 Table spoons
Lemon Juice-1 tablespoon
For seasoning - Mustard seeds, Chandal, Red dried Mirchi-2, Hing(Inguva)-very little, Curry leaves

Preparation time: 20 mins

  • Heat oil (1 table spoon)  in the cooking pan. Once it gets hot, add cut onions and green chili's, garlic cloves. 
  • Fry them. In half way, add cut capsicum and methi (fenugreek powder) and allow few minutes (5-7 minutes) so that all the contents get some time to fry.
  • Stop frying when the capsicum reduces to half in amount. Let it cool down.
  • Now take the mixture into a blender cup, add lemon juice and salt before grinding it.
  • Grind the mixture and season it.
  • Delicious Capsicum Chutney is ready to be served...!!

Note: Oil and lemon juice contents can be varied as per taste.
Tamarind can be used instead of lemon juice, but it slightly changes the pachadi color.

Squash can  also be used to prepare chutney instead of capsicum.

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