Friday, July 6, 2012

Beans Kobbari/Coconut Koora


Fresh beans cut into small pieces - 1/2 kg
Onions - few
Green chillies - 4
Coconut - 50 gm( good if you have fresh one)
Oil, salt - as needed
Garlic pods - 4

Preparation time : 30-45 mins

Grind coconut, green chilies and garlic to a coarse paste

Pressure cook the cut beans until 1 whistle.
Take a tawa, add oil and heat it.
Temper, later add onions and fry them. Once the onions are half done, add beans, turmeric powder and coriander leaves (optional) and stir fry them.

Once the beans are fried to the level as you want, add the ground paste as shown below.
Mix the contents and add salt. Cook under medium flame for 2-4 mins. 
Beans kobbari koora is ready..

Serving options
Can be served with chapathi/rice.


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