Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pappu Garalu/Vadai


Minapappu/Urad Dal - 1/4 cup
Shanaga pappu/ Chana Dal - 3/4 cup
Maisur pappu /Masoor Dal - 1/8 cup
Kandi pappu/ Toor Dal - 1 cup
Green chillis - few
Salt, Oil - as needed

Preparation time - 1 hr


  • Wash four types of dals listed above, and soak in water for 30 mins.
  • Grind them into a fine and thick paste by straining the excess soaked water.
  • Take a deep pan, add enough oil to fry the garalu. Let that be heated.
  • Now take some dough, roll into a ball. Take a plastic sheet, spread some oil.
  • take the ball of dough on to the plastic sheet and press using fingers and make it as shown in the picture.
  • Now release the pressed gara from plastic sheet into the pan with heated oil.
  • Fry them until they are completely cooked inside.
  • Pappu Garalu/Vadai is ready..goes very well with Coconut chutney.


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